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  • +Open Annecy 2021- FRENCH & CZECH Championship(Sun 3:14pm)12 - 18 Jun, 2021

    Open Annecy 2021- FRENCH & CZECH Championship

    1280380446 GMT+1100
    12 - 18 Jun, 2021

    Task 1: No idea why it wasn't published on the results page. Christian easily won the day.

    Task 2: Results only for open class published

    # Name Glider Time
    1 mario ALONZI Aeros Combat 12.7 C 02:30:14 1000.0
    2 Manuel Revelli Icaro Laminar 02:31:01 975.4
    3 Francois ISOARD Aeros combat GT 12,7 02:31:29 961.5
    4 Dan Vyhnalik Aeros Combat 12.7 C 02:31:54 957.9
    5 Lorenzo De Grandis Icaro z9 02:34:47 939.6
    6 Laurent Thevenot Aeros Combat gt 13.5 02:35:10 939.0
    7 Gregoire David Icaro 2000 Laminar Z9 02:35:57 924.7
    8 Davide Guiducci Icaro 2000 Laminar 13.2 02:45:11 878.5
    9 Christian Ciech Icaro 2000 Laminar 02:56:46 827.8
    10 Jean-Marc Rousselet Wills Wing T3 03:09:18 793.5


    # Name Glider T 1 T 2 Total
    1 mario ALONZI Aeros Combat 12.7 C 877.9 1000.0 1878
    2 Dan Vyhnalik Aeros Combat 12.7 C 901.8 957.9 1860
    3 Manuel Revelli Icaro Laminar 879.4 975.4 1855
    4 Christian Ciech Icaro 2000 Laminar 1000.0 827.8 1828
    5 Francois ISOARD Aeros combat GT 12,7 858.6 961.5 1820
    6 Gregoire David Icaro 2000 Laminar Z9 872.9 924.7 1798
    7 Lorenzo De Grandis Icaro z9 790.4 939.6 1730
    8 Laurent Thevenot Aeros Combat gt 13.5 725.5 939.0 1665
    9 Davide Guiducci Icaro 2000 Laminar 13.2 757.7 878.5 1636
    10 Stanislav Trebeška A.I.R. Atos VR 746.5 400.4 1147

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  • +Internationale Hessenmeisterschaft 2021(Sat 4:33pm)June 10th-13th

    Internationale Hessenmeisterschaft 2021

    Fri, Jun 12 2021, 2:33:19 pm MDT
    June 10th-13th


    Task 1:

    # Name Glider SS Time Sprint bonus Task time
    1 Corinna Schwiegershausen Litespeed RX 3 00:29:29 00:00:29 00:29:00

    Task 2:

    # Name Glider SS Time Sprint bonus Task time Gap
    1 Primoz Gricar Combat 13,5 09 GT 02:06:52 00:06:20 02:00:32
    2 Corinna Schwiegershausen Litespeed RX 3 02:53:55 00:03:12 02:50:43 +00:50:11

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  • +Flying with 22 hours of Daylight(Fri 9:00pm)500+ km in Finland on a paraglider

    Flying with 22 hours of Daylight

    Fri, Jun 11 2021, 7:00:03 pm MDT
    500+ km in Finland on a paraglider

    10 hours.

    First 500k+ flight in Finland
    First 500k+ flight in Scandinavia
    First 500k+ flight in Europe

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  • +Hot, hot, hot(Fri 10:57am)The west

    Hot, hot, hot

    Fri, Jun 11 2021, 8:57:53 am MDT
    The west

    Record heat forecast to bake Southwest next week, amid worsening drought. Las Vegas, Phoenix and Salt Lake City face a long duration, punishing heat wave.

    The first extreme heat wave of the year is set to sizzle in the Southwest next week, with temperatures topping 120 degrees in spots. Excessive heat watches and warnings already blanket portions of Arizona, California and Nevada.

    The heat wave, predicted to last many days, will only intensify record-setting drought conditions plaguing many locations in the West.

    Temperatures at least 20 degrees above average are possible for several days next week, and could persist even longer. Conditions this hot are “rare, dangerous and deadly,” wrote the National Weather Service in Phoenix.

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In the latest issue:

(25.98, Friday, June 11, 2021) +
  • +Highland Challenge 2021(Thu 9:22pm)

    Highland Challenge 2021

    Thu, Jun 10 2021, 7:22:27 pm MDT
    DelMarVa Peninsula

    # Name Glider T 1 T 2 T 3 T 4 T 5 T 6 Total
    1 Jim Messina Combat 215.7 680.7 966.7 667.7 7.0 155.6 2693
    2 Lawrence Pete Lehmann WW T2 106.6 508.1 858.5 960.8 0.0 225.9 2660
    3 Charles Allen Laminar Z9 212.1 662.9 772.0 330.6 9.7 302.8 2290
    4 Ric Caylor Moyes Litespeed 131.9 621.1 605.7 642.1 0.0 198.3 2199
    5 Richard Niehaus WW T2 0.0 201.8 901.5 649.7 0.0 0.0 1753

    The HC 2021 is an eight day Race-to-Goal Hang Gliding fly-in based on the Delmarva Peninsula and held in memory of the Highland Challenge. The purpose is for friends to gather, fly competitive tasks, and learn from each other.

    • Pilots: 10 max
    • Classes: Open only
    • Task Format: Race-to-Goal (unsanctioned)
    • Meet Duration: 8 flying days
    • Location: Delmarva Peninsula

    Discuss "Highland Challenge 2021" at the Oz Report forum link»

  • +Land Owner Rights (Thu 9:35pm)

    Land Owner Rights

    Thu, Jun 10 2021, 7:35:35 pm MDT
    The health insurance company sues

    JohnK writes:

    In Northern Colorado, a number of years ago, there was a dairy farmer who had an ultralight field on his property that he allowed us to aerotow from. One weekend, an ultralight pilot had a serious crash, on landing, that severely damaged both of his legs. Doctors thought, initially, that they would have to amputate one or both of his legs. After a lot of surgeries, and rehab, he was able to walk again.

    Not too long after that, United Healthcare (the pilot’s medical insurance provider) filed suit against the farmer to recover the cost of treating the pilot. They did this knowing the farmer had terminal cancer, because they were his insurer as well. I’m guessing that they were hoping he would settle, rather than try to fight it, given his medical condition. He tried to reason with them, by citing the Colorado statute quoted by TBrown, but they wouldn’t budge. Many thousands of dollars later, he prevailed in court but he died not long after that. It wasn’t too long, after his passing, that his family closed down access to the field.

    The reality is that statutes, like Colorado’s, are the same as patents. They are only as good as your willingness to defend them in court. The state won’t go to court to defend you. You can get the case thrown out, but it is going to cost you a lot of money to have it done.

    Discuss "Land Owner Rights" at the Oz Report forum   link»

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