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for sale - equipment > towing > tow bridles 2014-04-05 08:04pm
V-Bridle line, extra long Vectran line, $20 Davis Straub
For connecting to the keel (works with the Pro tow setup). You can connect to the keel through a weak link to a line attached to the keel, or through a bicycle/cable/spinnaker release, which is attached to a line on the keel. Vectran is used because it doesn't melt when Spectra runs through the loop at the end of the line (if you release using a barrel release).

for sale - wings > hang gliders 2021-09-22 05:57am
180 wils wing and cg harnes Joseph
180 sport great condition and cg harness with a rocker deployed shute and back up hand throne from Ellenville new york Its time to sell asking 800

for sale - equipment > towing > rope 2021-09-20 04:08pm
7/64 amsteel blue, 3280' Don
7/64 amsteel blue, new on reel, 3280'. a "steel" at $195. 360 676 6280.

for sale - wings > hang gliders 2021-09-18 06:33pm
ww falcon f4 170 with low hours Ali Mutahir
Great Condition Falcon F4 170 wing Yellow and white
Low hours, upgraded down tubes
Quick connect for bar With wheels.
Located in Bayarea

for sale - wings > hang gliders > rigid wing 2021-09-18 03:08pm
atos b with c sail Shaggy
Carbon basetube, skids, and aluminum basetube included. Tail, 2 extra downtubes, and all weather travel bag.
Seven 1 four 3 zero eight seven 068

for sale - equipment > harnesses 2021-09-18 11:45am
Black High Energy Harness for 6' to 6'3" Felipe S
High Energy harness for sale. Used in less than 50 flights, fits 6' to 6'3" person. Comes with a parachute (never deployed) and a carrying bag. See pictures in the link below. The asking price is $500.00 + shipping, I'm in South Florida if you desire to pick it up.

for sale - equipment > electronics > GPS 2021-09-18 11:00am
Flytec 6030 GPS in excellent condition used less than 50 hours Felipe S
I'm selling my hang gliding gear. I have a Flytec 6030 GPS for sale. It has less than 50 flights, was well-taken care and carefully stored in its own bag. It comes with its original box, 2 pitot tubes, USB cable, vehicle charger, protective carrying bag, manual, mounting support (can be installed on control bar or downtube). Pictures are shown in the link. I'm asking $600.00 + shipping for it.

for sale - equipment > parachutes 2021-09-15 04:30pm
lara 175 hg parachute Axo
Never deployed, always in storage Lara 175 reserve. includes a 24 foot bridle and integral Paraswivel HG configuration. I can ship. $480 + shipping.

for sale - equipment > harnesses 2021-09-15 04:00pm
Wills Wing Z5 harness with all the options Axoitek
Harness is in excellent shape,
I believe it has all the extra options on it, the size is Small +
It is a small + that was made a few inches wider at the chest from the factory to fit a woman. I am a guy and my height is 5.6. I think this can work for someone up to 5.7 in height. Please message me with some odd line to make sure you are not a spam robot.
$650 cash, zelle, or US Money order. I can ship. We can video call for a showing.

for sale - wings > hang gliders > flex wing > topless 2021-09-03 09:26am
wills wing t3-144 race Scott
WW T3-144 RACE recently checked/test-flown by factory... Like new, exceptional condition, immaculate, stored in a/c, white/red woosh, located Central Florida, pics available, $8500.

for sale - wings > hang gliders 2021-08-22 08:45pm
wills wing falcon 4 195 Shane Hanshaw
Wills Wing Falcon 4 195 for sale. The sail has about 50 hours, and is still crisp. Extra down-tube and inflatable wheels included. Clean with no stains or tears. A blue sky training harness, flytec 4005 vario and new helmet included. Nothing wrong with any of the items, I just purchased a new Falcon 4C 195 from Lookout mountain. Great starter package for new pilot or someone getting back into the sport. Manual and batten chart included. $3500.00 for package. 740-302-2587.

wanted - wings > hang gliders > flex wing > trainer 2021-08-22 03:27am
want to buy - condor 330 Juancarloscosta
Need a Condor 330 for training in San Diego.
Please call or text 760 888 7333.

for sale - wings > hang gliders > flex wing 2021-08-21 01:33pm
Falcon 4 170 - Excellent condition David Kiesling
Made in 2018. Excellent condition. Flown only occasionally. Original downtubes. Custom configured ball lock pins for quick basebar attachment. Includes manual, batten chart, spare parts. Just a couple ice plant stains. No sail or frame damage. Rarely transported, mostly stored in Funston clubhouse.
See youtube video for a full look.

for sale - wings 2021-08-20 07:33pm
Clearing the loft. Joel
Falcon 1-195 with UV treated sail. Magenta and gray. $1000 *** Litespeed 5S. Blue, white, and yellow. $2000 *** Litespeed 5. Green. $500 *** Please text or call 210.381.5193

for sale - wings 2021-08-20 07:19pm
tandem glider for sale $2500 Joel
Northwing Freedom 220. Glider is in great shape. This glider has the aerotow keel and control frame. Colors are light blue and white. Located in Texas. Please note that this is for the glider only and does not include the tailwheel stinger or tandem main gear. Pics available upon request. Located in Texas Pics available upon request. 210.381.5193

for sale - wings > hang gliders > flex wing > kingposted 2021-08-17 04:30pm
01/2018 moyes 155 gecko Tim
Excellent condition Low hours Low UV Northwest flying. Dog Mountain
Two spare up rights. Small scuff mark on leading edge. Will send pic.
Really a excellent fling glider just a little to big for me.206-293-5611

for sale - wings > hang gliders > flex wing > kingposted 2021-08-16 10:44am
ww sport2 135 - miami fl Axo
Sport 2 135 complete with aerotowing gear and custom aerofoil bar wheels.
The leading edge, nose and some areas are a bit stained from being in storage with an old bag. I am pointing to some of these stains in the pictures.
VG runs with no issues, side wires have no corrosion. Batten tips and lock mechanism still intact, there is no issues with the glider.
Contact for pictures and more detailed description. $1900…

for sale - wings > hang gliders > flex wing > kingposted 2021-08-16 02:30am
will's wing sport 3 155 brand new Teddy Mack
Will's Wing Sport 3 155
Brand New.Test flown once by factory pilot
Located in La Jolla

for sale - wings > hang gliders > flex wing 2021-08-13 03:40pm
gliders for sale Kevin Michael Koonce
Falcon 4 170 with slipstream control frame (blue and yellow, never flown) $5000
Falcon 4 170 very low hours white with purple L/E. Minor stains on L/e from brush $3000
pick up or test fly @ point of the mountain

for sale - wings > hang gliders 2021-08-13 03:39pm
Gliders for sale Kevin
Gliders for sale:
T2 -144 approx. 20 hours, mylar sail $5000 or make an offer (black with red stripe)
Falcon 4 170 very low hours white with red leading edge $4200
Pick up or test fly @ point of the mountain

for sale - equipment > electronics > flight decks with integrated GPS 2021-08-13 03:09pm
naviter blade for sale Ryan Soares
Naviter Blade for Sale. Has some scratches on it, but works great and comes with WW Bracket. Asking $750 + Shipping

for sale - wings > hang gliders > flex wing > topless 2021-08-13 03:05pm
wills wing 154 t3 for sale Ryan Soares
This glider has a total of 3 flights on it and aside from the test flights, it has less than 20 minutes of airtime. It was built late fall 2020, and the original pilot blew his third launch with it and the glider has been at the Wills Wing Factory ever since getting repaired. It is now completely repaired, test flown by the factory (Zac Majors specifically) It is in great shape otherwise. Please reach out for the 30+ photos I have of it. Asking $8500 OBO

wanted - wings > hang gliders > flex wing > topless 2021-08-11 08:29pm
older seagull 3 or seagull 11 meter in good conditioniin Virgil
older seagull 3 or 11 meter in good condition possible trade an ultralight products 195 condor, or wills wing 1980 duck, call virgil@ 971 274 6863 located troutdale,oregon.

for sale - wings > hang gliders 2021-08-11 02:49pm
wills wing sport 2, 170 Ken
WILLS WING SPORT 2, 170. Blue leading edge and white sail, Sail still crispy, low hours, minimal UV exposure, It has been stored inside always, Never crashed or damage, Very good condition, Please contact me for pictures and more info at four two five 746 0234, Local pick up in Seattle WA. $2000

for sale - wings > hang gliders 2021-08-11 11:13am
ww falcon 4 170 David Kiesling
Made in 2018. Excellent condition. Flown only occasionally. Original downtubes. Custom configured ball lock pins for quick basebar attachment. Includes manual, batten chart, spare parts. Just a couple ice plant stains. No sail or frame damage.

wanted - equipment 2021-08-09 03:58pm
Wanted PVC tubes for Storage in California Ted
Wanted PVC tubes for hang glider storage

for sale - wings > hang gliders > flex wing > topless 2021-08-08 12:06pm
RX 4 Jorge Cano
RX4 excelente condition
Spokane Wa
Or part payment for smaller Rx Pro 3.5 , T3 144 .

for sale - wings > hang gliders 2021-08-08 08:15am
Hang Gliders and Many Miscellaneous Hang Gliding Items for sale !!! Paul Voight
Hang Gliders, Cameras, Varios, Chutes, Harness’s, Radios, Camera mounts, and other miscellaneous items on sale! I always have a bunch of items for sale… Sale Priced! There are too many items to list here individually. Inventory is always changing. Website is updated often. Visit my web site… for photos & descriptions. -Paul Voight

wanted - wings > hang gliders > flex wing > topless 2021-08-06 08:00pm
wanted big topless hang glider Robin Briejer
looking for a low hour big topless.
wills wing t2c or t3 154,moyes rx5,laminar 14.8
not interested in old worn out crunchy junk(i already fly that)
call robin 253-365-9379

for sale - equipment > harnesses, motorized 2021-08-05 07:21pm
doodle bug power harness Sam Huff
Doodle Bug power harness with ~20 Hrs, electric start Radne Raket 120, tuned exhaust, intake silencer, dual throttle, prop break, pristine wooden prop, dual throttle, fuel gauge, reserve chute, carrying bag, bivouac bag, Prop cover, excellent condition. $2500.00

for sale - wings > hang gliders 2021-08-03 09:38pm
Falcon 1 195, Harnesses, Chute Jeff
Falcon 1, almost like new, approx. 6 hr airtime, clean crisp sail. One of the last ones built. Glider bag has a 3x6” hole in it. Includes 8" training wheels....$1000 OBO
Moyes Contour Harness for 5’8” 175 lb. pilot.....$300
Lara 175 Parachute....$250
LMFP pod harness....$100 Located in MD

for sale - equipment > harnesses 2021-08-02 10:23pm
moyes matrix race harness Mike Bomstad
Moyes Matrix Race- Original owner- 2 seasons. Perfect condition. No signs of wear. No belly Landings. No rips, no tears or stains. Zippered aerotow pockets. Drag chute pocket. Antenna sleeve on riser. Dipole antenna included.
-Shoulder: 153.7 cm / 60.5" -Chest: 99 cm / 39" (room for + 2". I'm 40.5" with room) -Hips: 96.5 cm / 38"
Spokane WA USA $2000 obo

for sale - 2021-07-31 08:43pm
Ghostbuster Rigid Wing - Red and White Matt Dettman
Early 2000's Ghostbuster rigid wing. Excellent Flying condition. Last flown in 2010. The glider in in Las Vegas.
The Ghostbuster was the upgrade to the very Popular Exxtacy Rigid from the late 90's. Purchase from the late, great Steve Daleo, this glider in in good condition. The Ghostbuster was known for it's unique retractable flaps and clean wing tip inserts. I am looking for 1000 or best offer. I am very reasonable! Hit me with any questions about flying a rigid! Pictures available.

for sale - equipment > harnesses, motorized 2021-07-31 03:16pm
explorer ld Steven
Never flown 2 hrs run time radne 120 motor intake silencer, carbon fiber folding prop,electric and pull start has tiny tach and nee Quantum 330 with para swivel asking $4500 make offer.

for sale - wings > hang gliders > flex wing > single surface 2021-07-30 02:02pm
ww 145 falcon 4 (mylar) low hours/excellent condition Cuhg
This is a beautiful 145 Falcon 4 with all mylar main body - beautiful glider. It is in excellent condition. Very low hours. Pilot grew out of it. He was 14 now he's 18 and grew to a 195 Falcon size. WW Shipping box included. Pictures and video available. Glider is in south Texas. $3300

for sale - wings > hang gliders 2021-07-29 07:17pm
Falcon 3 Tandem Michael
Wills Wings Falcon 3 tandem perfect shape $3250.00 Available now, can be seen flown with electric power: you tube: Electric hang glider in Petaluma.

for sale - wings > hang gliders 2021-07-26 09:49am
Falcon 4 - 170 like new / $2800. Alredmon
Nice WW Falcon 4 - 170, Yellow & Blue , has wheels & extra down tubes . has around 70 hrs. Dog Mt. Glenoma Washington.Don't want to ship but can meet half way .

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