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for sale - equipment > electronics > radios 2014-04-05 08:10pm
2m Antenna $20 Davis Straub
With molded BNC connectors (the only kind worth anything in hang gliding harnesses). Five foot long total. 19" of unshielded center cable (for 144-148 meters) which you attach to your harness mains. This gets your signal out unlike that little rubber ducky and is easy to install

for sale - equipment > towing > tow bridles 2014-04-05 08:04pm
V-Bridle line, extra long Vectran line, $20 Davis Straub
For connecting to the keel (works with the Pro tow setup). You can connect to the keel through a weak link to a line attached to the keel, or through a bicycle/cable/spinnaker release, which is attached to a line on the keel. Vectran is used because it doesn't melt when Spectra runs through the loop at the end of the line (if you release using a barrel release).

for sale - equipment > towing > tow bridles 2014-04-05 08:00pm
Bridle, Spectra for Pro tow, $15 Davis Straub

for sale - equipment > towing > tow bridles 2014-04-05 07:58pm
Pro tow Mini Barrel Release and Bridle, $40 Davis Straub
If you want two mini barrel releases (one on each side), order two of these (you'll have an extra bridle). Bridle is 750 pound Spectra.

for sale - equipment > electronics > variometers & flight decks 2021-04-14 01:26pm
Vintage Roberts "Breadpan" Vario Randy
Vintage Roberts "Breadpan" Vario. Still works. Takes a 9-volt battery. Mounted on a PVC stalk. In great shape; closet stored since 1990, when I stopped flying.
Nylon storage bag included.
Shipped from S. Central TX. US shipped, only; no international.
$20 + shipping, your choice--USPS, UPS, FedEx.…

for sale - wings > hang gliders > flex wing > kingposted 2021-04-14 06:18am
aeros discus 14 b/c Andrey
Discus 14, 2012, 146 flight hours. Can be short-packed down to 8 feet (model B) with mylar sail (model C), unique graphic design. The body is perfect (extensive maintenance with thorough inspection was performed), the sail is a bit yelowish due to its age. Last time when it has been flown (2018) it won sport-class. A lot of spare parts included. Located at Wilotree Flight Park (Florida). For more detailed info follow to link below. Price is 1900 USD.

for sale - wings > hang gliders > flex wing > kingposted 2021-04-13 10:29am
11m north wing pulse Mike Brown (Cranstone)
11m North Wing Pulse. $3,000 OBO. Purchased new 5/2017. Approximately 6 aerotow flights and 3 mountain launches. Pristine condition. Yellow Dacron leading edge, red, yellow, white under surface, white top surface. Safe edge faired down tubes, Speed Bar, All Weather Bag from North Wing. Currently located at Paradise Airsports / Wilotree Park. Usually lives in Charleston, SC stored in climate controlled area.

for sale - equipment > harnesses 2021-04-12 03:09pm
Rotor Vulto Harness and Reserve Peter
Rotor Vulto Harness and Reserve. Maybe 20 total flights on it. I’m 5’8”/160# and it fits me well. Navy blue with a little red. Everything works as it should-No issues. I’m happy to send pics and take measurements. In Boise, ID and I will cover shipping in lower 48.

lost & found - wings > hang gliders > parts 2021-04-11 08:20pm
WW T2 bag Jeff
ww t2 bag, mustang m/17t2 #81220
found along the side of us-95, south of hawthorne, nv on 4/11/21
call jim @ 541-870-5474

for sale - equipment > harnesses 2021-04-11 12:31am
moyes matrix race harness Mike Bomstad
Moyes Matrix Race- Original owner- 2 seasons. Perfect condition. No signs of wear. No belly Landings. No rips, no tears or stains. Zippered aerotow pockets. Drag chute pocket. Antenna sleeve on riser. Dipole antenna included.
-Shoulder: 153.7 cm / 60.5" -Chest: 99 cm / 39" (room for + 2". I'm 40.5" with room) -Hips: 96.5 cm / 38"
Spokane WA USA $2200 obo

for sale - equipment > harnesses 2021-04-10 12:02pm
High Energy Tracer w/chute $650 Tim Thompson
High Energy Tracer Harness with LARA 250 Reserve parachute
I am 5'7" and weigh 165 with a 43" Chest. I am using two 1" stomper pads for fit. Very comfortable harness well cared for. No holes or tears. All zippers functional.
Variable pitch angle, boot clip, external radio pocket, internal bag pocket, chest pocket $650

for sale - equipment > harnesses 2021-04-09 12:47pm
Woody Valley Flex 2 extra small Perfect condition,fits Pilot 5’1 to 5’3 black with magenta trim new carabiner pictures Available text 8013887756 asking $850 Jon Lindburg
Location salt city utah,usd

for sale - equipment > harnesses, motorized 2021-04-08 06:01pm
Doodlebug powered hang glider harness Mike Watt
Doodlebug powered hang gliding harness. Has 12 hours on the engine. It’s in great shape. Pull start. Comes with spare leg, a handful of spare parts, and a parachute.
Buyer can arrange for item pickup by freight carrier or have me arrange that.
Shipping costs are extra.

for sale - wings > hang gliders > rigid wing 2021-04-08 05:03pm
ATOS VQ. Awesome glide ratio and handling. Sets up in 8 minutes! Comes with a brand new full Technora sail with spoilers / air brakes. Upper and lower surfaces both Technora with zero hours with the most current updated sail cut. Old sail is included. Just had an A.&P. mechanic replace hardware in question. Also included is two new wing bags (transporting the glider) solar covers, newer single bag. Brand new Gunnison weather bag. Carbon stinger / tail boom. Asking $12,900.00

for sale - wings > hang gliders 2021-04-08 01:07pm
hang gliders, and many miscellaneous hang gliding items for sale !! Paul Voight
Hang Gliders, Cameras, Varios, Chutes, Harness’s, Radios, Camera mounts, and other miscellaneous items on sale! I have a bunch of items for sale… Sale Priced! There are too many items to list here individually. Inventory is always changing. Website is updated often. Visit my web site, for photos & descriptions. -Paul Voight

for sale - wings > hang gliders > rigid wing 2021-04-08 09:30am
atos rigid wing Sven
ATOS. Rigid wing B/C model with a tail. This glider has aprox. 24 hours of flight time on it and the sail is super crispy new. Brand new condition. New Gunnison weather bag, bar mitts, tools, tail and wheels. This is your chance to get into the amazing glide ratio of the Rigid world for a price less than a new flex wing. Located in Southern CA. $3,900.00.

for sale - wings > hang gliders > flex wing > topless 2021-04-05 04:59pm
Moyes Lightspeed 150 Dale
Moyes Lightspeed 150. Good condition with low hours. Glider hasn't been flown in 10 years. $900

for sale - wings > hang gliders > flex wing > topless 2021-04-05 02:45pm
Moyes Lightspeed 150 Webb
Moyes Lightspeed 150 - good condition low hours has not been flown for 10 years. $900

for sale - wings > hang gliders > flex wing 2021-04-04 06:00pm
wills wing t2c 144 Steve Thoss
The glider is in great shape with low hours. It was bought 3 years ago from Florida. The previous owner flew glider for one year. Sail and wires were replaced last year. Aluminum control frame, carbon fibre outer leading edges. 8-inch whoosh wheels. No damage, minor wear. Glider too small for me but very fun to fly. Recommend for an advanced pilot. The glider is in Vancouver, BC area. Will ship. Asking $5000.00 US / $7000 CND. Will send pics upon request. Cell: 250-819-3552 or (email link above)

for sale - equipment > parachutes 2021-04-04 05:53pm
high energy quantum 440 Scott
High Energy Quantum 440 never deployed for sale... $850... Located in Central Florida...

for sale - wings > hang gliders 2021-04-04 05:01pm
Classic Vision 18 Greg
Fantastic condition. Great Hang 2 glider. Stored indoors for years. I'm the 2nd owner. Purchased at LMFP for mountain flying. Stored while I was in the service and first marriage. Low hours with respect to its age. Rainbow Sale. Request photos. Currently living at Paradise Air Sports.

for sale - wings > hang gliders > flex wing > kingposted 2021-04-03 06:41pm
wills wing eagle 164 Tom Zylak
Wills Wing Eagle 164, $1,100, 2001, ~150 hours of flight, flies very well & trim, sail repaired in two spots along the trailing edge, 3 extra down tubes, pneumatic wheels, removable keel tube, tail fin for training, batten pattern. Used mostly for powered flight in calm conditions. The price is negotiable if you are to pick it up in person. Located in Oceanside California.

for sale - wings > hang gliders > flex wing > kingposted 2021-04-03 06:39pm
wills wing eagle 180 Tom Zylak
Wills Wing Eagle 180, $1,200, 2002, I got it in 1019, seems like it has less than 30 hours of flight, sail still very crisp, I flew it a dozen times, always great fun, wheels, two extra down tubes. removable keel tube. The price is negotiable if you are to pick it up in person. Located in Oceanside California.

for sale - wings > hang gliders > flex wing > topless 2021-04-02 07:24pm
wills wing t2 154 Chris
WW T2 154, '07 vintage, 196 logged hours. Flies great, sweet glider. Blue,red & yellow undersurface.
Flown most of it's life in Michigan and stored at the flight park which is now closed.
Only car top traveled 4 times. Now just stored in my garage.
Getting out of the sport so getting rid of all my gear. $1500.00.…

for sale - wings > hang gliders > flex wing > topless 2021-04-01 04:35pm
WW T2 Andy
Wills Wing T-2 144 and one spare down tube for sale. I bought it brand new in 2013 with the better sail to resist UV damage and I did not leave it setting in the sun after flying it .The only damage is to the nose cone and it is cosmetic only. I replaced the bag a couple years back and the VG line and pulley system this spring. The hook in weight is between 160 and 235 pounds. $2500.00 and for more information contact Andy at 209 5232368

wanted - wings > paragliders 2021-03-24 01:54pm
Looking for EN-A PG wing (90kg and up), any brand, very flight worhty, no "old wings" Max
Long term plan to get into Paragliding and i am looking for a very fligth worthy EN-A 90Kg and up wing. Any brand or color pattern, MUST BE LOCAL to the CENTRAL FLORIDA area(2-3 hr drive ok), i much prefer an in person "see before buy" rather than shipping sigth unseen. Done my homework(fligth hrs, depreciation,etc) and cosulted with PG instructors, i know what im looking for. no "Old Wings". Thank you in advance.

for sale - wings > hang gliders > flex wing > topless 2021-03-22 10:15pm
pristine litespeed 4 Miguel
Excellent shape, pristine sail and structure, carbon basetube, <<100hrs, wheels, batten patterns, stored out of the elements on padded posts. Advanced pilots. Ohio. $995. (937)246-6788

wanted - wings > hang gliders 2021-03-17 03:37am
wanted T2 Carbon sprogs and wires for 154 Vincent
Looking for Carbon Sprog Set for T2 154. (With wires) looking for small upgrades. Maybe you know someone that wrecked a 154 T2C?
I am in Portland, OR. Willing to pay fair salvage price.
Thanks! 206-731-9610

for sale - wings > hang gliders > flex wing 2021-03-15 10:39pm
weight shift? Wingnutav8
T2 154 nice shape flies great, haven't flown it in 3 years, babied. $2000
610f Sensor 150, good shape under 80 hours. $500 obo, trades?
High Energy Quantum 550 tandem reserve. $500 New Mexico

for sale - wings > hang gliders > flex wing > kingposted 2021-03-12 04:16pm
Litesport Robert
Litesport 150 or 155 I honestly don’t remember. Only flown it a few times myself. Not sure how many hours are on it. Good shape comes with wheels. In NW Montana but will be heading east in a few weeks. $800. Can send photo on request.

for sale - wings > hang gliders > flex wing > topless 2021-03-10 03:56am
litespeed rs4 Dan
Litespeed RS4 Excellent shape. Less that 100 hours. Comes with wheels and all weather bag. $1500 Located in central NY. Qualified pilots only.

for sale - wings > hang gliders 2021-03-10 03:47am
New and Used Hang gliders Dan
New and used Alphas, Falcons, and Sports in stock. Great foot launch training facility located in central NY.

for sale - wings > hang gliders 2021-03-08 04:06pm
northwing full race freedom 170 & wills wing z5 harness Austin
Well loved and cared for NorthWing Full Race Freedom 170. Red dacron leading edge with a mylar sail. Only has about 10.5 flight hrs on it. Asking $5k OBO for the harness and wing. Includes both a round and speed control bar. Text 801-244-3684 for deets & pics.

for sale - equipment > harnesses 2021-03-08 12:25pm
Moyes Matrix Harness Robb
It is very snug and about 2 inches too short for me at max adjustment. I am 6' 1" tall, have a 38-inch waist. I measure 64-65 inches from shoulder to floor with no shoes. It is in good shape and includes a PDA chute, swivel, and an internal radio antenna. $850.00 email me for more details if interested at (email link above)
Ohio Flyers.

for sale - equipment > electronics > variometers & flight decks 2021-03-08 12:47am
digifly air bt + integrated anemometer (pitot system) Eric
brand new! digifly air bt + integrated anemometer (pitot system). includes hg mount & soft case. $688 value, asking $475. text 614-420-1864 for pictures. located in ohio.

for sale - wings > hang gliders > rigid wing 2021-03-07 11:49pm
atos vr & vq short tail kit for mosquito powered harness Eric
ATOS short Tail Kit for Mosquito powered harness. Perfect condition. Asking $390 USD. Used on my VR & VQ. No tools required (slide standard tail off, slide short tail in, Standard Carbon V-tail attaches to this kit. Carbon V-tail not included. Located in Ohio. Text 614-420-1864 for picture.

for sale - wings > hang gliders > rigid wing 2021-03-06 04:42pm
atos vr-10 (70) hrs (technora sail upgrade) Eric
ATOS VR-10 for Sale $13,000 USD
Low hours VR-10 (approx. 70 hrs). Technora sail upgrade. Superb flyer! Quick assembly system. Asking $13,000, Paid over $22,000. Includes ATOS 8” pneumatic wheels, includes Many New spare parts (Carbon base tube, Set of Winlets, Nose Cone, Upper and lower zippers, flap rope, weaklinks and push pins), used spare V-tail, Home made UV Cover, Atos travel weather bag. Pictures & Videos available upon request Text 614-420-1864. Located in Ohio

for sale - wings > hang gliders 2021-03-05 12:04pm
Icaro Laminar 14.8 Topless Lance Merrill
Icaro Laminar 14.8 Amazing Glider, Original Owner. New in 2017– Extremely low airtime, stored inside. Great to launch, fly and land. Great performance –Full Carbon fiber frame, technora sail compensated twist tips linked to VG–Comes with additional Wheatley UV bag, extra down tube & straight batten. $6,000.

for sale - wings > hang gliders > parts 2021-03-04 01:15pm
ww slipstream downtubes (64in) Maria
2 Brand new/never used Wills Wing Slipstream downtubes (64in) for sale. $100 e/ located in FL immediate availability. Contact if you have any questions. Thank you.

for sale - wings > hang gliders > flex wing > topless 2021-03-03 08:20pm
T2C 144 for sale in North Carolina Vince Furrer
T2C 144 for sale in North Carolina. 8 years old, sail still looks good and still fly’s great. Colors white Mylar leading edge and top sail surface, red and black undersurface. Price $2,500.00 OBO
Comes with an extra set of down tubes and one extra carbon fiber base bar!
Pictures available upon request!
Cell phone 980-322-4982

for sale - equipment > harnesses 2021-03-01 10:48am
Rotor Kickass Harness Joe Hockin
Rotor Kickass Harness; I'm 6-1 and 185 lbs (was 200 for a while); the harness is black with green trim; it is in great shape, as it was flown 20-30 times. Included: Airwave 18 gore reserve; Wills drogue; steel biner and hook knife. Asking for: 950 Cad. I'll send pics if asked for.
Cheers, 647 687 4109

for sale - equipment > harnesses 2021-02-25 04:45pm
Older full length stirrup harness good for beginner or training flights. Fits pilot around 6 foot tall. Purple exterior, blue interior; foam padded and comes with parachute in chest pouch. In south florida can meet to sell. Paul
Older stirrup harness for sale. Comes with parachute packed in chest pouch. Good harness for beginner or trainee. Fits a 6 foot tall person more or less full length past knees with foot stirrup. Leg straps and ‘biner included. Asking only $50 - can meet in S. Florida to make sale.

for sale - wings > hang gliders 2021-02-24 07:38pm
Sport 2 Very low hours 2nd owner. No damage! Matt Dettman
Purchased from original owner in SLC. I flew it half a dozen times at Crestline.
Sweet flying Sport2.
Been in the bag indoors since July of 2018. Comes with heavy duty travel bag.
First $1800 takes her. Glider is in Las Vegas. …

for sale - equipment > wheels 2021-02-24 04:56pm
8" ? Pneumatic wheels for round 1 1/8" control bar. Malcolm
The picture is just to show the kind of wheels these are, but pretty much is how they look. $50. I believe the USPS Priority mail medium box ($15.50) will hold them. I am located at Florida Ridge, until June and then will be in Ellenville for the summer.

for sale - equipment > wheels 2021-02-24 04:43pm
8" Whoosh wheels for airfoil bar Malcolm
The picture below is NOT the wheels in regards to condition. It is just to show what they are. Mine have been used so they have the prerequisite scuffs that you would expect with used. I went over to pneumatic wheels. New these are anywhere from 200 to 269 but I got them for $225. I would like $90 plus whatever shipping would be. USPS medium box flat rate is 15.50.

for sale - equipment > parachutes 2021-02-22 03:17pm
lara 175 gold hg David Aldrich
Used LARA Gold 175 HG for sale $750. Used only one season. Never deployed. Should probably be re-packed before installation into your harness. The Gold version of the LARA parachute has a Kevlar bridal which makes it much lighter, pack smaller and more expensive. These retail for $1020. Can ship. Email me for details and shipping cost.

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