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for sale - equipment > towing > tow bridles 2014-04-05 08:04pm
V-Bridle line, extra long Vectran line, $20 Davis Straub
For connecting to the keel (works with the Pro tow setup). You can connect to the keel through a weak link to a line attached to the keel, or through a bicycle/cable/spinnaker release, which is attached to a line on the keel. Vectran is used because it doesn't melt when Spectra runs through the loop at the end of the line (if you release using a barrel release).
wanted - wings > hang gliders 2022-01-15 05:31pm
Looking for an Atlas in the Us Chris Bolfing
Looking for an Atlas for the Otto Meet at Docweiler
for sale - equipment > harnesses 2022-01-15 03:51pm
moyes matrix race harness Mikefly1
Moyes Matrix Race- Original owner- 2 seasons. Perfect condition. No signs of wear. No belly Landings. No rips, no tears or stains. Zippered aerotow pockets. Drag chute pocket. Antenna sleeve on riser. Dipole antenna included.
-Shoulder: 153.7 cm / 60.5" -Chest: 99 cm / 39" (room for + 2". I'm 40.5" with room) -Hips: 96.5 cm / 38"
Spokane WA USA $2000 obo
for sale - equipment 2022-01-11 03:12pm
round base tube for sport 2 135 with wheels Alain.azurmendi
Wills Wing Sport 2 135 round base tube
Base tube excellent condition like new. Pneumatic wheel in good shape some minor rubber cracking
Located in Colorado Hartsel. You pay shipping.
for sale - wings > hang gliders 2022-01-02 07:41pm
moyes malibu2 188 new John
This glider is brand new. Is located in San Francisco California and I will ship. Check out the video for more info :-) you can call or text me at 650-451-2549
for sale - equipment > harnesses 2022-01-02 07:35pm
woody valley tenax3 John
This harness fits pilot 180 pounds 5’11”. Will ship check out the video. You can text me at 650-451-2549
Located in San Francisco California
for sale - wings > hang gliders 2021-12-28 01:57pm
brand new freedom 170, still in the bag!!$4250.00 in petaluma ca Michael
Flown ounce by the factory 2018...More RED than White..
for sale - wings > motorized hang glider harnesses (see equipment > harnesses, motorized) 2021-12-16 07:17pm
explorer ld Steven
Electric and pull start , intake silencer also has mini tac , carbon fiber folding prop zero airtime asking $3.000 comes with a quantum pda.
for sale - wings > hang gliders > flex wing 2021-12-12 09:30am
Hang Gliders and Many Miscellaneous Hang Gliding Items for sale !!! Paul Voight
Hang Gliders, Cameras, Varios, Chutes, Harness’s, Radios, Camera mounts, and other miscellaneous interesting items on sale! I always have a bunch of items for sale… Sale Priced! There are too many items to list here individually. Inventory is always changing. Website is updated often. Visit my web site… for photos & descriptions. -Paul Voight
for sale - wings > hang gliders 2021-12-07 01:58pm
tandem 3 $3250. Michael
Wills Wing Tandem 3 in perfect shape, used it twice for electric flight. Could be seen on you tube: first electric flight at Petaluma Airport.
for sale - wings 2021-12-05 05:18pm
Great condition WW Sport 2 for sale Derek
Great condition, low hour WW Sport 2 for sale - $1200 USD OBO
Royal blue leading edge, neon green band in mid wing, white back 1/3. All maintenance up to date and recently inspected. Pictures available on request.
Located in Bentonville, AR
for sale - wings > hang gliders 2021-12-05 05:02pm
Well maintained Falcon 1 190, great travel or beginner glider Derek
Well maintained Falcon 1 190, $600
Aqua & orange leading edge, white main sail, custom Grateful Dead “Steal Your Face” logo on left wing - photos available on request
Cables and lines recently replaced and all maintenance up to date, flies great and makes ideal travel glider -
Located in Bentonville, AR
for sale - equipment > towing > winch systems > payout 2021-12-05 09:14am
airtime solutions new.. made by steve serrine. pay in / payout) Henry Phillips
I am 72 years old and I had a bad crash on my first and ony use of this winch 6 months ago. I gave up HG. Contact me and I will verify and give you a screenshot of all my corespondence with Steve before and after the crash. Towline included. I am asking half price for the new winch.
for sale - wings > hang gliders > flex wing > kingposted 2021-11-26 03:14pm
moyes max 157 Iwishiwasskiing
I have a Moyes Max 157 which needs a new home. Its skill level is rated int/adv but it makes a great novice glider. I bought it new in 1996 and have barely used it. I put 9 hours on it in the first four years and then never flew again. It has been stored in a UV bag in a garage its whole life. It’s basically still in new condition.
I’m willing to sell it very cheap only because of its age. Make me a lowball offer. Free helmet included. Pictures available on request.
Pick up in Crowley Lake, CA.
for sale - wings > hang gliders > rigid wing 2021-11-21 09:24pm
Atos VQ George Adams
2012 Atos VQ .Technora upper , Dacron lower surface, flown mostly in flight parks landed on skids. Tail is not adjustable. New zippers and skids. This glider is a H-3 rated and a pleasure to fly. fly strait on tow
and effortless in thermals with all the performance Atos is famous for. Comes with two glider bags for easy transport. Easy set up in 15 minutes. The glider has only two flights in the last two years. Pics are available.
Asking $8000 US
for sale - equipment > harnesses 2021-11-21 01:01pm
CG-1000 Ed Jowett
Single-suspension, back-plated, pod harness in fair condition. Fabric abraded at boot. Approx fit: 5′-10″ to 6′-0″, 165# to 185# pilot. Sans parachute. $200
for sale - equipment > harnesses 2021-11-20 12:53pm
CG-1000 Ed Jowett
Single-suspension, back-plated, pod harness in fair condition. Fabric abraded at boot. Approx fit: 5′-10″ to 6′-0″, 165# to 185# pilot. Sans parachute. $200
for sale - wings > hang gliders > flex wing 2021-11-20 12:50pm
WW S2 155 Ed Jowerr
High airtime wing (approx 500 hrs). Still airworthy in fair condition but tired, bagged out. Re-sail recommended for like-new wing at lower total cost. Parts alone worth the price. $800
for sale - wings > hang gliders > flex wing 2021-11-20 12:47pm
WW U2 145 Ed Jowett
Excellent condition. Older build but like new. Less than 10 hrs airtime. Crisp, clean, no dents, tears, turns, or hard landings. Garaged only, upstate NY.$2500

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