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Articles from Hombres Pajaro: Jeff and Ricker's efforts in Ecuador

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After last year's trip here, Jeff O'Brien was particularly touched by the poverty that surrounds the city of Guayaquil as well as the outlying areas between here and Canoa. He decided that before coming back again this year he would raise some money from the US flying community and try to help out, even if just in a small way.

This morning we all walked over to the school that Jeff has been raising funds for. We had various supplies to donate - DVDs, workbooks, markers, etc. We arrived just in time for recess and had a blast playing with the kids for a while.

The school has an enrollment of 280. Kids up to 12 years old. Tuition for the school is $14 per MONTH. Uniforms and books are a bit extra.

One of the things that stands out the most about this trip was the amazing people. Most here seem to live their lives with simplicity in mind, by choice or by necessity. O'Brien and I talked in the car on the way back from the coast today about how in all but very few communities here, there are no grocery stores… no convenience stores. If a family wants to eat they kill a chicken, cook it's eggs and mash corn from the field into tonight's dinner.

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