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World Wide Site Guide (using Google Earth)

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The preceding instructions are to help you avoid a problem with Google Earth in that when you re-enable the display of a network link (after hiding it), it assumes that you want to display all of the items in that network link, so it makes them all visible. Our Site Guide contains many things like weather map image overlays that are turned off (hidden) by default, and meant to only be displayed one at a time. If they're all displayed at once your screen will be covered with large overlapping images, and some network links may be unavailable as well.

World Wide Site Guide (using Google Maps), or add a mapplet to your Google Maps "My Maps": (hit "Add By URL" and enter "")

US Flying Site Guides

Arizona Arkansas and Oklahoma
Arkansas Directory Cascades, Oregon
Central Carolina Connecticut
Hat Creek, California Hawaii
Hyner, Pennsylvania Illinois
New England List Ohio
Oklahoma Paragliding Sites Oregon State
Sandia, New Mexico Sonoma, California
Southern - Southern Arizona
Sun Valley, Idaho Tennessee
Utah Vermont
Washington State Washington, D.C.
Western New York
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Australian Site Guides

Victoria Victoria Map
Tasmania Western
North Coast NSW Canugra
Northern Beaches NSW New Castle, NSW
South Australia New Castle (Oz Report)
Central Coast NSW Melbourne, Vic
Another Western Australia
Gold Coast Stanwell
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International Flying Site Guides

The World Dolomites
Voler Dans Les Pyrenees (Pyrenees Mtns, France) Pyrenees Mtns, France
Alpine Flying Centre (Chamonix, France) Chamonix, France
Chambery-Annecy, France Canada
Altes Lager (Berlin) Columbia, SA
Western Cape (Cape Town, South Africa) Southern Cape (Cape Town, South Africa)
Blon's sites
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