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World records

CIVL's Historical and Current World Records

CIVL's World Records

Dustin and Jonny break the world record and Dustin goes 475 miles, Zapata

Jonny's Declared Goal Record, Zapata

Will Gadd's paraglider prior world record, Zapata

Manfred Ruhmer's prior official flex wing distance world record, Zapata

Mike Barber's prior flex wing distance record, Zapata

Davis Straub's current rigid wing world record, Zapata

Kari Castle's current women's flex wing world records, Zapata

Dave Glover's prior rigid wing declared goal world record, Zapata

Mike Barber and Pete Lehmannn's prior flex wing distance to goal world record, Zapata

2001 WRE Flights

Larry Tudor, king posted glider world record, Wills Wing Ram Air, 7/1/1994, 308 miles, Rock Spring, WY, USA

Endurance record, 34 hr 3 min. James W. Will, in a UP Gemini 165, at Makapuu Point, Hawaii, on June 3-4, 1986

Davis' 100 KM FAI triangle speed world record, Quest Air

Davis' 50 KM FAI triangle speed world record, Quest Air

Bo Hagewood's prior 178.6 mile single surface record, Zapata (set in 2005, broken in 2006, see below)

Davis' current Single Surface World Record - 205 miles, Zapata

Not quite the paraglider distance record, South Africa, 2006

Jonny's 500 KM (311 miles) foot launch world record, Canungra, Queensland, 2006

Zapata Records

National records

Venezuelan record: Sandy Dittmar, Wills Wing Talon, 307 km

Regional Records

The 2007 flex wing East Coast record: Jonny Durand and Dustin Martin, 283 miles, Quest Air

The 2007 women's East Coast flex wing: Linda Salamone, 127 miles, Quest Air

Latest Midwest record: Krzysztof Grzyb<> goes 277 miles.

Old flex wing Midwest/East Coast: Krys Grzyb, Icaro Laminar, 218 miles, June 16th, 2002

The old women's East Coast flex wing: Kari Castle, Wills Wing Fusion, 115 miles

The old flex wing Florida: Kevin Carter, Aeros Combat L, 208 miles, Quest Air

Florida state single surface: Bo Hagewood, Aeros Target, 120 miles, Quest Air

Rigid wing East Coast: Mark Poustinchian, AIR ATOS, 234 miles, Quest Air

Rigid wing Florida triangle: Davis Straub, AIR ATOS VX, 130 miles, Quest Air

Rigid wing Florida out and return: Davis Straub, AIR ATOS VX, 135 miles, Quest Air

Paraglider Florida (east coast?): David Prentice, 89.8 miles, Quest Air

First 200 mile flight on the east coast: Davis' 212 mile flight

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