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Hang Gliding Instruction in North Carolina

Mon, Nov 22 2021, 8:31:30 am MST

4000 tandems

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Craig Pearson «craig» writes:

We own and operate Thermal Valley Hang Gliding and operate in Lenoir NC. Our website is . We are on Facebook and Instagram and have been in business since 2011. We primarily aerotow tandem discovery flights but teach aerotowing, foot launching, and scooter towing. We have flown nearly 4000 tandems and are Wills Wing, Moyes and North Wing authorized dealers (although Wills Wing dealership status is unknown for now).

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2022 Hang Gliding Calendar

Tue, Nov 9 2021, 11:46:23 am MST

It's ready

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"Sander van Schaik" «sander» writes:

Once again, promotion of our beloved Hang Gliding sport. For ourselves, but also for potential new Hangglider students. Thanks to pilots from all over the world sending their photos, I could make the Hang Glider Calendar 2022.

The A3 Calendar of 2022 is created with pictures send by hobby and competition pilots from over the whole world. Every picture includes the pilot's name, location and photographer's name. This wonderful product is THE Calendar 2022 to use in your own house, give to potential hang gliding students, or at your office to promote your big hobby.

Purchase here.

From November 8th 2021 the Calendar will be sent out. In time for Xmas and Dutch Sinterklaas.

Specifications of the Hang Glider Calendar
• Calendar is in A3 format
• The design includes week numbers.
• The A3 Calendar is made out of beautiful pictures send from all over the world by competition and recreational Hangglider pilots.
• Every picture includes the name of the pilot, the name of the photographer and the place where it is made.
• This is THE Ultimate Calendar for promoting the Hang Glider Sport at home, at their workplace or at the office.
• The Calendar is printed digitally
• The Calendar is made in full color, 12 months + 1 cover, 250gram satin-white paper with glow finish, finishing with wire and thumbhole Calendar hook.
• The Calendar will be sent in a Cardboard case, so the Calendar will be received undamaged.

Who is on the Hang Glider Calendar 2022?

Sponsoring by
- Airborne
- Airspire
- Deltavliegschool Randonaero
- Drachenfliegen lernen
- Ellipse
- Forbes Flatlands
- Icaro2000
- Mintgroen
- Moyes
- Naviter
- Rotor Europe
- Trike Valley
- Westerwold airfield
- Wills Wing

- Germany ( )

If you want to order more Calendars:
- 5 Calendars - 19 euro per Calendar
- 10 Calendars - 18 euro per Calendar
- 25 Calendars - 17 euro per Calendar

Sending costs for any weight package
Send inside the Netherlands - € 4,95
Send inside Europe 1 - € 7,95
Send inside Europe 2 - € 10,95
Send World from of € 19,95

The day winner from day one posing with the local wildlife

August 3, 2015, 11:34:40 pm CDT

The day winner from day one posing with the local wildlife

No prairie dogs were hurt during this filming


Slide show (power point presentation) of the Australian Morning Glory

January 26, 2011, 9:04:51 AEDT

Slide show (power point presentation) of the Australian Morning Glory

Like when Jonny was playing with it

Dutcher Sterling|Jon "Jonny" Durand jnr|picture

Thanks to Dutcher

The Dragonfly accident

Fri, Apr 11 2003, 12:00:05 pm EDT


The accident occurred a little after 9 AM this morning. Chad was flying the Dragonfly with the heavier 4-stroke engine at about 800 feet. There was a strong west wind and in a turn one of the wings folded up. The cause of this fold up was the fact that the bottom strut for that wing was not bolted to the box at the main bulkhead.

During assembly the strut was inserted incorrectly into the box. The bolt marked below with the red arrow was inserted but the strut was inserted into the box above the bolt hole so that the bolt wasn’t attached to the strut. The bolt was tightened down squeezing the box and holding the strut in by friction. Again, the bolt was not inserted in its correct spot through the strut.

The friction held the strut in place until the flight regime increased the forces on the strut to exceed friction’s hold on the strut and it came out and the wing folded up.

Chad pulled the BRS handle immediately and the rocket took off with a loud bang which caused me to go outside and I watched the Dragonfly diving toward the ground.

Apparently the BRS rocket pulled the chute from the canister correctly but the parachute shrouds tangled in the wires on the tail going to the wheel as per this picture: The parachute therefore didn’t inflate.

On this Dragonfly and the other ones with the 4 stroke engines have the BRS canister mounted just in front of the pilot on the pilot cage, and not at the apex above the wings on the leading edge (more pictures on this tomorrow). The canister is mounted in this location when the Dragonfly has this engine to offset some of the weight of the engine.

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Kate without shoes

Wed, Dec 4 2002, 7:00:07 pm GMT

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I don’t have a picture of Kate flying at Anna Bay without a helmet or harness like this one of Tish:

The difference was that Kate is so light that she was 15’-20’ over the beach. Conrad and Chris would get her up in the control frame and then throw her off the 4 foot high ledge.

Kate said that the folks back in England might believe that she flew in the control frame without a harness and helmet, but that they would never believe that she went without shoes. I had commented to her earlier in the day about why was she putting on her tennis shoes here at the beach. It was just this English thing.

This is Conrad soaring the ledge, but Kate was getting about twice as high as she is much lighter.

BTW, thanks so much to Conrad, Tish, Chris, and Russell for all their help and support flying at the dunes and the beach at Anna Bay. Thanks again also to the crew at Airborne for all their help and the loan of the gliders.

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The Forbes Flatlands - settings records

Sun, Jul 5 1998, 7:56:15 pm EDT

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It's been beautiful, sunny, and not too cold here in Seattle that last few days, but in the southern hemisphere it's the first of July (sun time), and the Forbes Flatlands are underway in New South Wales, Australia, just outside the semi-charming farming town of Forbes.

The Forbes meet is one of the major Australian competitions, and Forbes was the site of the last winter's World Hang Gliding Championships. You can always expect a number of European pilots, along with a few Americans, to show up to fly at Forbes, and in the other major competitions in Australia.

Tim Cummings maintains a web site that gives daily reports on the competition. You can check it out at Tim has done an excellent job, and he is writing up a press release everyday on the results.

This year the Forbes meet has been designed to let the top competition pilots break the existing world records for triangles and out and returns. They have responded with a vengeance, especially the women pilots. Check out Tim's site for the latest records. Tish, Tove, Rohan and others are blazing through the skies.

Tove Heaney, who set the women's distance record last month in Manila is doing very well and is currently in 9th place, a couple of points behind her husband Grant. I happened to catch a picture of her last year at Hay (that's Conrad Lotten in the middle, and Oleg Bondarchuck on the right):

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