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2022 Green Swamp Klassic »

Sun, Dec 12 2021, 8:39:33 am MST

Registration is open

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"Ken Millard" «kengineer09» writes:

The Green Swamp Sport Klassic is now live on Airtribune at https://airtribune.com/2022-green-swamp-sport-klassic/info/details.

The Green Swamp, or GSSK, is a non-sanctioned hang gliding competition designed to give intermediate pilots their first experience in competition in a supportive, coached environment. Seen another way, it is a clinic for pilots wanting to expand from local flying into cross country flying, structured to use a competition format with daily declared tasks. The event is mentored, grouping pilots into small teams and assigning each team a senior pilot “mentor” to coach and guide them.

Either way you look at it, it is a tremendously influential event in the hang gliding community. It connects senior pilots with the next generation of developing pilots, draws pilots into networking nationally and internationally outside of their local clubs, builds skills and confidence, and indoctrinates and normalizes safety practices.

To give you a sense of the impact Green Swamp has, look at this year’s meet director. Ric Caylor first attended the Green Swamp in 2018. Ric had been flying recreationally for years but had only logged two cross country flights. Green Swamp added five more cross country flights to his logbook. With the GSSK as his springboard, Ric went on to compete in Texas, Arizona, Mexico, and again in Florida. Ric is now a highly ranked Sport Class pilot and is the organizer for the 2022 event. The GSSK doesn’t just teach cross country skills; it catalyzes leadership.

I can’t think of a single event which is more influential in promoting and supporting hang gliding in the USA.

GSSK is usually scheduled just before the two-week Hang Gliding Nationals series. This makes world-class pilots available to serve as mentors. The event will represent a slice of the hang gliding community with intermediate, advanced-intermediate, and world-class pilots all flying together and gathering in the clubhouse for billiards and beer.

Rather than going easy on himself as a first-time organizer, Ric is trying to raise the bar for next year’s event. In true camp counselor style, we’re going to make 2022 the best Green Swamp ever! At past events, senior pilots created ad-hoc seminars to fill the time on rain days. Rather than wait for rain days, we are creating YouTube content to coach developing pilots on the basics of gear management, flight line operations, and cross country performance and strategy. We have established a scholarship fund to offset tow fees for pilots on a tight budget. This is noted on the “Details” tab of the Airtribune page. The “Preparation Blog” tab on the Blog page contains a collection of personal testimonials from Green Swamp alumni. It’s great reading for anyone who wants to get a feel for the event. Questions may be directed to Ric at «rmcaylor» or Ken Millard at «kengineer09».

Para consultas en español, contacte Tavo Gutierrez «tavo.gutierrez».

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2021 Florida Nationals Series Comps

Wed, Nov 17 2021, 11:37:57 pm MST

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Trying to get them published on Airtribune

Stephan Mentler ‹team@Icaro2000usa.com›> writes:

While we are working to get things going on the registration side, here are some details for both comps.

The entry fee is $375 (includes Wilotree Park Fee, $475 after March 10th). NOTE that entry fees do not include tow fees. Aerotowing fee is $375 - this includes a tow on check-in day. Some of the things that we will have:

• Daily Prizes
• Event T-shirt
• Food and beverages the night of check-in (I plan to get he same ice-cream truck for us)
• Prizes for the first three places in the Open and Sport Class
• Awards ceremony dinner
• On-line Turn point Coordinates
• On-line airspace files
• Weather Briefing on Pilots’ Phones via WhatsApp
• Task Sent to Pilots’ Phones via WhatsApp
• Wilotree Park (includes free WIFI, access to clubhouse and amenities [swimming pool, kitchen, pool table, etc.

Our cancellation policy is as follows - receive full refund minus $12 (USD) for withdrawal up to March 1st 2022. Receive 50% refund for withdrawal after March 2nd till April 1st. Refunds for withdrawals after April 1st are at the discretion of the Organizer and Wilotree Park, but not likely as we will have secured aircraft, the grounds, and other tangibles.

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A Little Repast

Fri, Jan 10 2020, 9:08:08 am EST

Attila and Tomas


Lumby Air Races 2012

Mon, Apr 23 2012, 5:34:47 pm EDT

June 7th-10th 2012

beer|competition|fire|flight park|food|GPS|HPAC|insurance|music|news|PayPal|Randy Rauck|scoring|triangle

Online Registration Link here.

«Randy Rauck» writes:

The 7th Lumby Air Races June 7th-10th 2012 promises to be a fun and exciting event. Early Bird Discount before May 15.

The Lumby Air Force hopes you can make it. It's been expanded to four days. For accomplished flyers, this is your opportunity to support our flying event, get current on all the latest flying news and win some great cash prizes and trophies for your superior efforts. For newer flyers the education gathered in these social settings will be priceless.

You will need your HPAC number. You can find it here: http://hpac.ca/pub/?pid=145. If you are an international pilot, you will be able to get temporary membership online at www.hpac.ca or@the event.

The format will be closed circuit triangle racing around the town and area of Lumby BC Canada.

GPS will be used for scoring.

This is an International event and is open to Hang Glider and Paraglider Pilots. Registration 8 AM Thursday June 7th@the Raven Aviation hanger on the Freedom Flight Park. Pilots meetings daily@the hanger 9AM sharp.

Landings will be@the Freedom Flight Park, just 1 mile north of the village of Lumby BC on the Mabel Lake Road. Late starts for pilots who can't make it Thursday morning will be allowed on Friday only. Limit - first 75 paid up Pilots.

HPAC insurance mandatory and available@registration if necessary. Please do your best to renew yours or get it in advance at http://hpac.ca/pub/?pid=96. International pilots only require a $40.00 temp policy available@the same web address. Minimum experience - 20 hours logged airtime and 20 high foot launches.

Expect $2000.00 - $3000.00 in cash prize money and trophies and prizes. Plenty of Extraordinary food for Saturday Eve celebration

Big Fire of Life

Live dance music Saturday Eve after dinner for pilots and friends and support personal. Flyers Music Performances/Jam starting around 10pm Saturday Bring your instruments and rhythm makers Ongoing Lumby Days festivities including concerts, beer gardens, amusement park and fun and games for kids.

Competition, Dinner and Dance - $75.00 before May 1st. - $100.00 after.

Registration available online soon or send a cheque payable to: Lumby Air Force #754 Eastwood Road, Lumby BC Canada, V0E2G7, Send PayPal or interac fees to Oz Report forum   link»  

Edible Idaho

September 1, 2011, 11:29:22 MDT

Edible Idaho

Steak from a ranch between Challis and Salmon






Think King Mountain Meet or is it meat.

Counting calories in Copenhagen

December 14, 2009, 9:07:01 PST

Counting in Copenhagen

What do the pledges mean?


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Fueling for endurance

September 25, 2006, 9:51:22 PDT


Jeez, I've never eaten during any of my marathon flights

Eric Troili|food

Troili, Eric «eric.troili» writes:

The fueling handbook (http://www.e-caps.com/downloads/fuelinghandbook.pdf) has changed everything I ever thought about endurance. It's serious fueling for endurance events. I also use it for flying.

Morningside Fun Meet

Fri, Sep 22 2006, 9:05:49 am MDT

I thought all meets were supposed to be fun


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Jeff Nicolay «morningside» writes:

Columbus Day Weekend Oct 7&8,2006
Duration, Spot Landing, Bomb Drops, PRIZES
"Old Timers Day" Phil and Bobbie Haynes "Thanks for the years!"
Supper Extravaganza 40ft Enclosed Party tent, table and chairs, FIREWORKS, Family Fun, Camping Encouraged.
ALL ARE WELCOME! $20.00 Per Adult includes Flight Fee, Food, Camping. VHGA meeting

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Goodbye to Wheat

September 18, 2006, 8:39:50 MDT


Our continuing series on the American landscape



Once the driving force behind transforming the United States into the “breadbasket of the world,” wheat is being steadily replaced by corn as the crop of choice for American farmers. Genetic modifications to corn seeds, the growing demand for corn-based ethanol as a fuel blend and more favorable farm subsidies are leading farmers to plant corn in places where wheat long dominated. In Kansas, known for a century as the Wheat State, corn production quietly pulled ahead of wheat in 2000, with Kansas producing 23 percent more corn than wheat last year.

And while corn acreage nationwide passed wheat about a decade ago, its footprint and that of soybeans are spreading across a greater swath of the Midwest, farther north and west into the Dakotas and central Minnesota — traditional wheat country, where growing corn and soybeans was once almost unthinkable.

“It is getting harder and harder for American farmers to say they feed the world,” said Ken Cook, president of the Environmental Working Group, an environmental research group based in Washington. “Instead, they feed S.U.V.’s.”

The spread of corn and soybeans at the expense of wheat, while not expected to significantly affect food prices, could nevertheless put more pressure on scarce water supplies, since both crops are more water- and energy-intensive than wheat.

Industrial Eaters

July 17, 2006, 5:42:33 pm CDT


You eat, right?



http://www.wamu.org/audio/dr/06/07/r2060717-11321.ram or http://www.wamu.org/audio/dr/06/07/r2060717-11321.asx

11:00Nina Planck: "Real Food" (Bloomsbury) & Michael Jacobson: "Six Arguments for a Greener Diet" (CSPI)

Experts say the modern American diet is killing us. But they often disagree on what to eat and why. We hear different views on why real foods and a greener diet could save our health and environment. Guests

Nina Planck, author of "The Farmers' Market Cookbook" and creator of farmers' markets in London, Washington, D.C., and New York City.

Michael Jacobson, co-founder and executive director of the Center for Science in the Public Interest and author of "Restaurant Confidential," "Marketing Madness," "What Are We Feeding Our Kids?" And "The Fast Food Guide."

Corn and Soybeans

May 1, 2006, 9:42:13 EDT


As I cross America I see these crops everywhere.


I've mentioned this before here. America's corn based diet here and here.

Indeed, one of the many eye-openers in the book is the prevalence of corn in the American diet; of the 45,000 items in a supermarket, more than a quarter contain corn. Pollan meditates on the freakishly protean nature of the corn plant and looks at how the food industry has exploited it, to the detriment of everyone from farmers to fat-and-getting-fatter Americans. Besides Stephen King, few other writers have made a corn field seem so sinister.

Each bushel of industrial corn grown, Pollan notes, uses the equivalent of up to a third of a gallon of oil. Some of the oil products evaporate and acidify rain; some seep into the water table; some wash into rivers, affecting drinking water and poisoning marine ecosystems. The industrial logic also means vast farms that grow only corn. When the price of corn drops, the solution, the farmer hopes, is to plant more corn for next year. The paradoxical result? While farmers earn less, there's an over-supply of cheap corn, and that means finding ever more ways to use it up.

Corn and soy bean fields are a big part of my flying life as a hang glider pilot flying from Maryland to Kansas. You've just got to wonder as you see millions of square miles of these crops, just what is going on.

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Wallaby Ranch »

Sun, Jan 3 1999, 6:00:03 pm EST

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Belinda and I are at Wallaby Ranch. We arrived here on Wednesday (January 20th). Three great days of flying before the rains today. Got a 73 miler past Silver Springs the second day I was here. Yesterday showed strong winds but weak lift under great looks, but not producing cloud streets. Carlos and I only went a bit over 23 miles.

Apparently flying has been great in Florida, at least since last October, except for a few weeks around Christmas (wouldn't you know it). George Ferris was getting long flights here on his Exxtacy, just before we got here.

The Ranch now has a chef, Jerome, and he is great. Cooks two to three meals a day, and frankly it is a 100% improvement on the Wallaby Ranch as a place to hang out, not that it wasn't already great. Anything to avoid going out for breakfast, and you get to meet and sit down with everyone here. Great food.

Lots of work taking place here, with many people providing the labor. This has been a big Brazilian contingent, and that has added to the atmosphere. Even Rhett's place looks improved. Kerry Lloyd has taken over the accounting, and Quicken Books has been set up to easily track the numerous services provided by the ranch personnel.

See more below for a few tidbits on our travels to Wallaby.

Saturday there was a special 5th birthday party at the Ranch for Malcolm Jones' daughter.

Lots of five year olds, farm animals, ponies, a huge pile of sand, Jerome, the chef and his crew all dressed up, the pole barn all decked out with paper cactuses, cowboy hats for all the kids along with scarfs.

Oh yes, and the tree house out of Dr. Suess through Malcolm. A southern father dotes on his daughter.

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