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CIVL World Online XC Contest 2021

The hang gliding winners

CIVL|World Online XC Contest 2021|Alain Chauvet|Christopher Friedl|Corinna Schwiegershausen|Claudio Deflorian|Glauco Pinto|Konrad Heilmann|Pascal Lanser|Patrick Chopard Lallier|Philippe Harignordoquy|Alexandra "Sasha" Serebrennikova|Stella Potgieter|Toni Raumauf

    Class 1 - 292 pilots participated

  • Konrad Hailmann (Brazil) - 1758.61 points, the best flight 428.32km in Tacima (Brazil)
  • Glauco Pinto (Brazil) - 1724.20 points, the best flight 467.68km in Tacima (Brazil)
  • Alain Chauvet (France) - 1671.44 points, the best flight 233.65km in Chabre Espranons (France)

    Class 5 - 115 pilots participated, the top three being:

  • Toni Raumauf (Austria) - 2125.41 points, the best flight 359.37km in Kossen, Scheibenwald (Austria)
  • Christopher Friedl (Austria) - 1704.62 points, the best flight 328.54km in Bischling (Austria)
  • Deflorian Claudio (Italy) - 1482.12 points, the best flight 206.53km in Col Rodella (Italy)

    Class 2 - 14 pilots participated, the best being:

  • Patrick Chopard Lallier (France) - 2074.95 points, the best flight 291.03km in Aérodrome Aspres - le Chevalet (France)
  • Philippe Harignordoquy (France) - 2035.00 points, the best flight 287.23km in Aérodrome le Chevalet (France)
  • Pascal Lanser (France) - 1946.15 points, the best flight 254.85km in Aérodrome de Villerupt (France)

    Women Class 1 - 17 pilots participated, the best being:

  • Sasha Serebrennikova (Russia) - 851.86 points, the best flight 283.90km in Schöckl near Graz (Austria)
  • Corinna Schwiegershausen (Germany) - 729.73 points, the best flight 152.82km in Monte Cucco (Italy)
  • Stella Potgieter (France) - 716.72 points, the best flight 102.22km Chabre Sud (France)

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