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Wills Wing Progresses

In Valle de Bravo

Rudy Gotes|Wills Wing

,,Valle de Bravo, EM, Mexico

Rudy Gotes at "Wills Wing" «info» writes:

First of all, I want to thank you for your patience and continued support! It’s been a busy and exciting time at Wills Wing, and I wanted to send an update on our plans and timing for resuming operations.

I'm excited to share that all of our machines, equipment, and inventory have been moved to their new home in Valle de Bravo! We've been working non-stop to get everything arranged and set up. Staff training is underway and we are happy to have a very talented team in the sail loft and machine shop.

I'm sure you're anxious to know when we will resume taking orders. In the next month, we’ll share a simple process to submit your customer requests for gliders, harnesses, helmets, and reserve parachutes. While this is not a formal order, it will help with our inventory planning as we ramp up production. Once our new factory is fully up and running, we’ll follow up with you to collect more comprehensive details for the order. We expect to resume production this fall with glider delivery by the spring of 2022.

I will send an update each month through the end of the year to keep you in the loop on our progress, and you can always email me directly («Rudy») if you have questions. I've also included our FAQ here, that I hope will answer some additional questions you may have.

You are a crucial part of Wills Wing’s history -and our future- and we are so grateful for your support through this transition!

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